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IPv6 training courses
The IPv6 Forum IPv6 Education Logo Program prime objective is to encourage and accelerate the education and training on IPv6 and promote thereby swifter adoption of IPv6 in the education curriculum and programs of the universities, research institutes, vendors and training specialists
The IPv6 Education Logo Program is a program intended to increase practical engineering expertise and hands-on knowledge to tackle this large undertaking ahead of us extending thereby user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 will be deployed by qualified engineers. 
Out of 20 million of network engineers in the world, the number of IPv6 Certified Engineers today is still a small number and the effort to drive the adoption of IPv6 Technologies required more educated and certified engineer to out in the world to propagate and implement the IPv6 Technologies.

IPv6 Forum Training Roadmap 

Reasons for the Certification
IT certification has long been a proven means of differentiation and qualification among professionals in the industry.
1. Employers often include certification as a prerequisite when seeking qualified candidates to fill Network Consultant related positions and having IPv6 Forum Certification reflect your knowledge in forefront technology.
2. The IPv6 Forum Certification is recognized worldwide by most of the IT Organization and It’s Certification reflect the individual has the knowledge in implementing IPv6 Technologies.
3. IT professionals themselves realize numerous benefits by holding a well-chosen and carefully selected certification, including higher salaries, better jobs, enhanced skill sets, market differentiation and community support from like-minded peers.
4. Client often trust only those IT professionals who boast credentials proving they have attained a certain level of knowledge.  Most of the Government Agencies, Departments, Ministries has implement an IPv6 Mandates and set a dateline to implement and migrate over to IPv6 Technologies, (i.e. 2010 US ) and usually the implementation will required only IPv6 Forum Certified Engineers to be part of the implementation team as stated in the Tender Specification . And to Qualify for Tender and Project, Solution Provider will therefore need to hired or trained or certified their staff and engineer to have this certification.
5. As an ICT Professional, earning an additional IPv6 Certification will:
    a. offer a meaningful indication of your job skills and knowledge
    b. make them more marketable in the IT field and prepare yourself for Managerial Position
    c. improve reliability and efficiency of the IT environment
    d. you are dedicated to keeping your skills up to date; it also provides a blueprint and impetus for doing so
    e. provides that through independent endorsement of your expertise that is reflected  on your resume


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