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Project Management as a Life Skills Series - Monthly PM MeetUp - Jul 2018
Venue : LLI@Paya Lebar Central
Date : 2018-07-16
Time : 1800 to 2100

This Month PMAS join the lifestyle activities at the first-ever SkillsFuture Festival! (SFF)

Organised by SkillsFuture Singapore, the SkillsFuture Festival brings together innovative and experiential learning experiences which aims to inspire Singaporeans to develop a passion for learning and pursue skills mastery.

Our First Series of PM Monthly Meet UP with SkillsFuture

Facial Recognition Project by a PMP
This is a sharing session by a Project Manager on his Bio Metric project, describing how he has applied the Project Management knowledge, which are aligned with the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide to his project. He will also be sharing his experience on managing the challenges throughout the project development stages, during this session.

Marriage of Professions: Business Analysis and Project Management
This workshop provides insights on how to harness the "Power of Partnership" between the Business Analysis and Project Management, not only for your organization and project success, but also for your personal achievement.
A question many organizations are increasingly asking is whether or not one person can be both a project manager (PM) and a business analyst (BA) on the same project.
So, can the same person function as a Project Manager and Business Analyst on the Same Project?
The answer, of course, is yes, they can. Another related question, though, is whether or not they should. There are many situations in which one person can and does perform both functions. One person could play multiple roles, including those of the BA and the PM; for example, in the following situations: if the organization does not recognize the importance of either role, if it doesn’t have enough money and resources for both roles, if the project is known to be “small,” or when the team has to work together and is a high-performance team. Functioning in both roles on one project can work, however, it can also be risky, and we shall explain this in detail during the session.
Let’s first explore the circumstances that might favor having one person playing both roles on the same project.

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