Hotline: 1800 PROGRESO (1800 776 4737)

2016-09-19 Progreso Training Partners with Udemy to Advance eLearning for Future Skills
2015-09-15 Skulture takes over management of Progreso Training with new direction
2015-07-22 Celebrating the Success TOGAF 9.1 Auckland
2015-01-05 Announcement on the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) - IPv6 Training Programme
2014-12-02 Respecting mastery of skills is the heart of an inclusive society: Tharman
2014-12-02 Cloud a necessity to Singapore’s Smart Nation Platform: IDA
2014-10-27 Singapore IPv6 Forum Welcomes Lawrence Hughes as Co-Chair
2014-09-02 The Next Big Internet Step: Moving to IPv6 to Enable Everything on the Internet (IOT, CC, SDN, NFV,
2014-07-16 Singapore Ranked First In Asia For IPv6 Penetration, Receives Prestigious Jim Bound Award
2014-06-24 APAC Regional Policy Survey
2014-03-18 Progreso Training is officially an ATC for Mile2 on the Cyber Security Certifications
2014-02-11 Progreso Training expands it IPv6 Forum Certification Courses in Philippines
2014-01-28 Progreso Networks (S) Pte Ltd has established a new independent sister company for Progreso Training
2014-01-03 Worldwide IPv6 Certification in 2013
2013-12-27 Co-badging agreement between the WDA and the IPv6 Forum on the NICF Accredited IPv6 Training Program
2013-11-18 Update in Definition of SMEs Applicable to Eligibility for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Scheme
2013-08-16 Accelerating IPv6 adoption with the first IPv6 System Administrator course in Asia
2013-08-01 Progreso Training expands it IPv6 Forum Certification Courses in South Korea with FastLane Korea
2013-07-26 Information Security Seminar 2013: Security of Our Cyber Environment - Looking to the Future
2013-06-04 Training Partners (Taiwan) has become the first Progreso Training Authorised Training Partner (ATP)
2013-04-22 IPv6 Conference 2013 - Singapore Leadership in IPv6 Deployment
2013-03-22 Foster IPv6 Innovation
2013-03-20 PROGRESO Networks, the appointed NICF Programme Partner by WDA for IPv6 competency training in Asia
2012-12-28 Embracing the New Internet with IPv6 Forum Certification
2012-12-03 PROGRESO is Now a NICF Programme Partner for Training the Infocomm Professionals
2012-11-27 IPv6 Security Seminar
2012-11-22 IDA IPv6 Conference 2012 - Videos for Sharing
2012-10-22 Security Exchange 2012
2012-09-10 Video: IPv6 addressing and why ISPs give out such huge blocks of IPv6 addresses
2012-09-03 IPv6 Introductory Workshop - 31st August 2012
2012-08-03 IPv6 Conference 2012
2012-07-27 Accelerated Learning with the New Network

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