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Skulture takes over management of Progreso Training with new direction
Singapore – 15 September, 2015 – Progreso Training Pte Ltd (Progreso Training), the leading training provider for technology and productivity learning, today announced changes to its management team:
  • Skulture Pte Ltd (Skulture) will be the new management for Progreso Training with effect on 4 September 2015.
  • The board of directors has appointed Mr. Linus Tan as the Chief Executive Officer for Progreso Training.
About Skulture
Skulture is an investment holding company with the vision of transforming Skill to Culture for the Asean Economic Community (AEC). Intelligent Automation is progressively entering to the business world, Skulture believes that the future of Singapore will be different as the fluidity of service, information and knowledge economy cannot build a “factory” with “cookie cutter” jobs. Everyone needs to be trained to do part of the automation and robotics process. As the thriving trading hub with a complete ecosystem, Singapore will be the leader of the skill culture transformation and to spearhead this culture to the rest of the Asean countries.
Moving Forward
New technologies such as Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoTs) are required for the automation and robotics operation. These technologies bring revolutionary change in the methodology of the way product design and development is being done. A quality continuing professional development is important for implementing strategies to capitalize on the new process.
The new Progreso Training recognises that apart from the IT professional crowd, it is necessary for a huge group of professionals who are involved in Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Operation, to acquire their skills and competencies when adopting the new management frameworks.
Moving forward, Progreso Training will be focusing on the development training and consultancy services of the following areas:
  • IPv6 Technology
Progreso Training will continue to be the IPv6 Forum Authorised Training Centre to deliver IPv6 skillset as it is one of the key areas for the new technology product development as well to expand its audience base inpreparation for the Future of mobile device proliferation which requires every device to have its own IP address.
  • Product and Marketing Management
Stepping on to a wider stage, Progreso Training will collaborate with Association of International Product and Marketing Management (AIPMM) and Brainmates to provide Product Marketing training and consultancy services, as well as to formulate suitable Product Management framework for the medium and large organisations in the different industry, delivering successful practices of the new products and services launch into the market.
  • Enterprise Architecture
To assist medium and large organisations in changing the way business currently use and adopt technology from basic utility to become a strategic asset that drives business growth. Progreso Training and ATD Solutions will be delivering quality information on competencies of business IT architecture through practical training, consultancy and coaching.
  • Cyber Security
Cyber Security is one of the main national masterplan to reinforce Singapore’s cyber security by intensifying efforts in the Government and the nation’s critical infocomm infrastructure (CII) as well as the wider infocomm ecosystem which includes businesses and individuals. Working together with Mile 2, a vendor neutral cyber security training developer, Progreso Training will offer the fundamental and advance principles of cyber security certification training for the technology professionals.

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