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Accelerating IPv6 adoption with the first IPv6 System Administrator course in Asia

15 August 2013 - The IPv6 Forum Education Logo Programme Committee has released a new programme; IPv6 Education System Administration Certification Logo Programme in 2012. This programme has been largely defined by Mukom Akong T. (AFRINIC) with inputs from Nishal Goburdhan (AFRINIC), Owen Delong (Huricane Electric) and Daniel Shaw (AFRINIC), to certify System Administrator Courses, Trainers and System Administrators with the Gold Logo level.

Most IPv6 training has traditionally focused on the networking aspects and targeted network engineers. However as in most organisations, systems administrators tend to be different from network engineers and so there is a need to specifically target them with training aligned with their typical job functions. The IPv6 Education System Administration Certification Logo Programme will assist systems administrators acquire the skills to deploy, run and troubleshoot IPv6 enabled networks.

Progreso Training has developed its own system administrator training course in August 2013.  It is the first IPv6 System Administrators course in Asia which certified by IPv6 Forum. Its objective is to train engineers and system administrators who want to have an in-depth knowledge of setting up and maintaining IPv6 DNS, Web, Email and NMS services and maintain the required services infrastructure that will further drive IPv6 adoption. The course also includes lots of hands-on lab exercises that will strengthen the participants theoretical knowledge.  

In the past couple of years, IPv6 adoption has been rising sharply and the introduction of this course has come in indeed timely.

The IPv6 Forum Certified System Administrator (Gold) course is imperative for system administrators as it allows them to understand the implication of IPv6 and its implementation in systems and services managed by them. This effort will fill-up a critical IPv6 knowledge gap between network engineers and system administrators to enable smoother end-to-end IPv6 deployments.

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