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APAC Regional Policy Survey
Developed by the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Regional Bureau, the Internet Society Survey on Policy Issues in Asia-Pacific is a crosssectional study of the attitudes of Internet Society (ISOC) members toward topical Internet policy concerns. Specifically, it seeks to gain insights on the importance of emerging and existing policy challenges as ranked by Internet users and stakeholders in the region. This report will provide an overview of the survey’s findings, which are intended to help the ISOC APAC Bureau better understand current perspectives on Internet policy in Asia-Pacific.
APAC Regional Policy Survey
In 2014, the Internet Society launched the Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Survey to better understand the Internet policy issues that matter most to users and stakeholders in the region. 
The first online survey, which was conducted in the first quarter of 2014, gathered the views of Internet Society members on a wide range of Internet policy concerns. The findings, which summarized the responses of 1,800 survey participants, found that ISOC members in Asia-Pacific were primarily interested in policies on connectivity, specifically those that would address the lack of Internet access in remote and rural areas, as well as the high costs of broadband subscription in the region.
Top 5 priority areas for policy engagement
Cybersecurity, along with correlated themes like data protection, privacy, and cloud computing, was also top of mind for survey participants. Respondents viewed it as an issue of emerging importance—and one that should be a target for deeper discussions with policy bodies in Asia-Pacific.

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