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NICF - IPv6 Forum Certied Engineer (Gold)
With an unceasing growth of IPv6 Internet traffic, it is important to equip engineers with advanced protocols implementation knowledge. Advanced protocols to support the future of Internet (IPv6) include MP-BGP, LISP, VRRPv3, IPv6 Mobility, IPv6 Multicasting, DHCPv6 and DNSv6.
By attending this course, trainee will:
 Gain advanced knowledge and hands-on practice on IPv6 networking in order to be able to design, implement, and troubleshoot IPv6 deployments.
 Build an Internet infrastructure (Competency Unit: IT-NMM-307S-1)
 Build an intranet (Competency Unit: IT-NMM-308S-1)
Course Outline
Module 1: IPv6 Overview
Module 2: IPv6 Deployment Scenarios
Module 3: IPv6 Address Configuration Using DHCPv6
Module 4: DNSv6 Services
Module 5: First-Hop Redundancy Protocol: VRRPv3
Module 6: IPv6 Routing Architectures for the ISP
Module 7: IPv6 Multicast
Module 8: Mobility Services in IPv6
Module 9: Security in IPv6
Module 10: IPv6 Troubleshooting
Target Audience
Network Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Senior Cloud Operations Engineer, Technical Support Associate and Associate Security Administrator.
Work Experience:Preferably with 1 year experience in IT industry
Prior Knowledge: Understand IP networking protocols and concepts
Literacy: Work Place  Learning & Numeracy Level 5
Other Requirements & Considerations: Preferably with NICF-IPv6 Forum Certified Silver Engineer equivalent 
4 Days
Course Fee
$2,200 (Inclusive of Examination)
Funding Scheme
The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)

WSQ Course Ref. No.:  CRS-Q-0025737-IT


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