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Pricing for profit
Course Overview:
Pricing for profit is a systematic way to determine the best price for your product or service. The goal is to find the price that maximise profit. Working in pairs or small groups, learners develop skills in developing pricing that maximises profit for target market segment and position.
Learning Outcome:
The learner will learn:
Product segmentation, targeting and positioning
Aligning value proposition to product position
Pricing strategically per product position
Learner Profile:
Product managers, product marketing managers, finance and business managers responsible for pricing analysis and strategies.
Course Details:
In this course, you will learn and practice four skills for pricing for profit:
1.Segmentation, targeting and positioning: Find the target market and position your product accordingly
2.Value of the product: Value the product or service in the target market relative to competition
3.Customer demand: Analyse the demand of the product at various price points
4.Profit analysis: Determine the profit the product or service will generate at each price point
This workshop is designed to be practical and give learners an opportunity to develop pricing skill using a systematic method.
  • Hands-on activities: Deepen your understanding through hands-on activities and discussions
  • Lecture: Short lecture segments introduce topics and techniques for applying technique and process.
  • Skills development: Apply what you learn in project activities and coaching will reinforce learning
  • Bring your own notebook: Notebook and Microsoft excel is necessary for this hands-on course


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