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IPv6 Forum Programming

Regardless of the number of years it takes to transit from IPv4 to IPv6, it is undeniable that IPv6 will have an impact on the future of the internet and dual-version protocols will continue for another several years. To ensure smooth transitions, it is important for programmers to be equipped with the expertise to port from the existing IPv4 based applications to IPv6. Trainees will be provided with a general understanding of IPv6 with relevance to the application portability. Trainees will also learn to programme using IPv6 API, Winsock and Linux Sockets.

  • Understand the benefits of making applications IPv6-capable. 
  • Perform IPv6 socket programming. 
  • Rewriting client and server applications to be IPv6 compatible. 
  • Use IPv6 porting tools. 
  • Parsing and mapping IPv6 address.
Course Pre-Requisites
A good knowledge of general networking concepts is imperative. Certified IPv6 Network Engineer (CNE6) Level 1 or similar is necessary. In addition, network programming background is an added advantage. Nevertheless, some programming experience is compulsory. IPv6 FORUM 32 IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to IPv6
  • Initiate of IPv6 Programming
  • Socket Programming
  • IPv6/IPv4 Programming
  • Protocol Independent Socket Programming
  • IPv6 Multicast Programming
  • Raw Socket Programming
  • Winsock Programming
  • IPv6 Security
  • Portability and Best Practice
  • Examination
  • (IPv6 Portability)
3 Days


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