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The course strengthen my knowledge on IPv6
by Goh Lum Hwee, Planning Engineer, Singapore Telecommunication Pte Ltd
This training has raised my awareness of work scope involved in deploying IPv6
by Peter Chia Keng Mon,Team Lead, Cargo Community Network Pte Ltd
The course has equipped me with enough knowledge to pursue in-depth advancement in IPv6
by Goh Teck Ann, System Manager, ST Electronics (Info-Software)
It provides a sound foundation understanding of IPv6
by Chin Wee Yung, DSO National Laboratories
It has been a very useful training course with knowledgeable instrustor. I have learnt alot.
by Ramesh Kumar, MOE
A very good summary and solution to IPv4/IPv6 security.
by Kathy Lee, Manager, Defence Science & Technology Agency
It enhances my awareness & understanding of IPv6 security. Well done
by Chew Yong Yeow, Senior System Architect, Defence Science & Technology Agency
It has helped me to understand a lot on IPv6 which in turn can assist me during deployment
by Glenn Tan, IT Security Consultant, NCS
The course is structured and good for reference
by Ang Kian Ming, Solution Architect, Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd
It has widen my knowledge, empower me with the skills to take on IPv6 related projects
by Tan Choon How, Senior Engineer, Defence Science & Technology Agency
It allows me to have understanding on IPv6 fundamental which facilitate the IPv6 testing on my system.
by Wong Kook Foong, System Support Engineer, Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd
Good instructors. Yes, especially my company is a ISP. IPv6 in the mid of roll-out
by Anthony Huang, Network Engineer, OSINet Communications Pte Ltd
I have gained an insight on IPv6 & it allows me to assess how to plan and migrate to IPv6
by Leon Kian Siang, Senior Engineer, Defence Science & Technology Agency
I handle implementation for security products and this training has strengthened my foundation for IPv6
by Alexander Lim , IT Security Consultant, NCS
This content was lot more than what I need. Considering the early stage of IPv4 when we had to do a lot of self-monitoring, the IPv6 is given a good start. The instructor presented the content in a very easy to understand form and ensure each of us has a clear understanding. I gained clearer understanding of this new IP mechanism. Though i don't work on Layer 3. It's a must to know in future. I'm happy to be prepared for this!
by Dhnya, Service Engineer, Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd
I had gained very in-depth knowledge with regards to how different types of packet function. The course has enabled me to recommend and promote the IPv6 curriculum to be taught to students
by Hanley Loo, LT/ICT/CE, Institute of Technical Education
Good Value. The pace could have been more relaxed.
by Clement Tong, Assistant Head, A-Star
This course suited a technical goal of transitioning and understanding of IPv6 on its difference from IPv4. For it to be relevant to me is to get into the techniques/experience for enterprise migration. The trainer is knowledgable and fantastic!
by Alvin Yeo, NTT Singapore
Instructor is very knowledgeable and able to use very good example to illustrate certain points which I feel is very good.
by John Chan, Senior Netwok Engineer, Starhub
The courseware is presented in a easy to read format with good illustrations. Content wise is enough and appropriate for teaching professional with the basics of Ipv6. The instructor is very energetic and has experience in conducting classes. He is knowledgable in net working related technologies.
by Eddy Leong, Manager, IDA Singapore
The instructor has good understanding of network implementation.
by Wong Hau Shian, Senior Manager, Republic Poly
The course has given an indepth understanding the constrains and concerns on the planning to migrate to IPv6
by Hans Yu, Infrastructure Manager, Raffles Institution
In the security courses, the trainees are given both good theory coverage as well as real hands-on in IPv6 threats and mitigation techniques. Without the IPv6 forum coverage, a network engineer will take a lot of effort and time trying to piece-up the skill sets and knowledge. I would say that the IPv6 Forum course notes are very real to actual operations and implementation and the Cisco IP6FD is more Cisco theory centric.
by Sim Kwang Meng, Snr. Technical Manager, Singapore Management University
The System Administrator course provided a good exposure to some good freeware to do that could help me to understand IPv6 better.
by Clement Tong, Assistant Head, A*STAR
I'm not really able to apply the skillset in my job now, but i got better understanding on how we apply the knowledge for other part.
by Ari Darmariyadi, Network Engineer, Eguardian Pte Ltd
A good experience in learning, practising & testing of advanced IPv6 technologies in the NICF-IPv6 Professional course. Instrustor is knowledgable & good at his delivery.
by Robert C Fernandes, Tech. Director, Starhub
Instructor, Thomas Tan, was clear in his delivery of the training and demonstrated very good knowledge of the subject.Excellent Lab setup for practical learning.
by Heng Kwee Tong, Director - Networks, Singapore Telecommunication Pte Ltd
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